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My niece, Mary James | Virginia Beach Baby Photographer

Well my little niece has finally arrived! She is a little firecracker and I feel like I already “get her”I have been worried sick she won’t like her Aunt Cha Cha like her brother does (so far hehe) or that she won’t want anything to do with me when she gets older. I want so […]

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Baby Quinn | Virginia Beach Baby Photographer

How cute are these cheeks? This little man is the first born to one of my dearest friends starting from 9th grade. My mom’s first words to Keri once he arrived were something along the lines of… “Now you’ll know how your mother and I felt when you girls got on that boat and disappeared […]

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Mary James’ birth | Virginia Beach birth photographer

When people tell you that watching a child being born is amazing, they are not giving you a real insight on what it is actually like. Amazing? C’mon. Surely there is a better word than that. A word that was invented JUST to be used in reference to childbirth. I guess there really are no […]

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